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Wedding with a symbolic ritual

Many couples today choose to celebrate a civil marriage.
The reasons may be different, but for all there is a common need: that of making the civil ceremony as emotional and evocative as the religious one.
Choosing not to get married in church does not mean you are not spiritual: the moment when two people join in marriage and promise eternal love is always significant, so it must be honoured!

There are many possibilities for those who wish to promise eternal love in an original way and in line with their personality; to help you in your choice, we have gathered some of the most interesting ideas for you.

The sand ritual

It is one of the most loved by newlyweds who choose the civil ceremony: the bride and groom receive a glass jar containing coloured sand and together they pour it into a larger container; as the grains of sand mingle, symbolising the union of their lives, they say their wedding vows.
Sand is usually the material that is used during the ritual; however, it is also possible to use other materials.
The suggestive aspect of this rite is that the colours of the bride and groom, when mixed, create a new colour that represents the union of their souls and the creation of a new inseparable entity since, once mixed, the grains of sand can no longer be separated.


The ritual of light

The ritual of candles (also known as the ritual of light) is just as evocative and not infrequently chosen by couples: during the ceremony, each of the bride and groom will receive a lighted candle, with which they will give light to a third candle symbolising the couple’s union. The particularity of this rite is that it allows promises to be renewed at each anniversary through the symbolic lighting of candles. At the birth of a child, on the other hand, a candle may be added to be lit through the same ritual.


The handfasting ritual

This ritual is also very evocative: it consists of tying the hands of the bride and groom with a ribbon symbolising the seal of their union.
It is an ancient Irish ritual that has been taken up by different cultures and religions, preserving its charm unchanged over time.
The suggestive aspect of this ritual consists in the fact that, once united by the symbolic link of the hands, the souls of the bride and groom will become inseparable, so much so that they will be able to be reunited even in subsequent lives.


The ritual of the rose

The rite of the rose is by far one of the most romantic: this is due to the significance that the red rose has taken on over the centuries, so much so that it has become for everyone the symbol of love and passion; exchanging it on the wedding day, therefore, is a very intense gesture.
This rite is very simple and consists of the exchange of a red rose, immediately after the exchange of rings.
This gesture hides a very deep meaning: after the exchange, each of the bride and groom will find themselves again with a red rose in their hands, testifying that apparently nothing has changed, yet everything is different.
The red rose represents the love between the bride and groom, symbolising the promise they exchanged even during the couple’s moments of crisis.


The ring-warming ritual

The ring-warming ritual, also known as the ring-warming ritual, is very engaging because it involves the participation of all the wedding guests.
The ritual consists of passing rings from hand to hand, from one guest to another, so that each person can hold the rings in their hands for a few moments, transmitting their warmth and blessing to the rings.
Each guest should silently express a thought dedicated to the bride and groom as he or she clasps the rings, and then pass them on to the next guest: in this way, when the rings reach the bride and groom, they will be imbued with the love of all the guests.


With all these ideas, all you have to do is indulge and choose the ritual that suits you best!


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