Villa Le due Torrette

The Past

In 1800 on the ruins of the Castle of Erba, Le due Torrette were rebuilt inside the beautiful park. During the Risorgimento, the Valaperta Family gave hospitality to exponents of the Antellighenzia Lombarda, such as writer Camillo Boito, painter Francesco Hayez, Minister Bettino Ricasoli. The work of the Valaperta brought them in contact with Alessandro Manzoni, who was also involved in silkworm business. Towards the beginning of 1900, following the collapse of silk trade, the Villa was auctioned. It was initially withdrawn by the Crespi Family and later by the Giussani Attorney, important members of Milan’s administrative world. In the 1970s Villa passed to the current family that now manages the property. A fantastic story can also be found on Roberto Lucchetti’s website which we thank.

Villa le due Torrette

The Present

The present property preserves its charm and beauty, suggesting its location as a panoramic view and its immense park, for weddings, corporate and private events, in the Alserio and Pusiano lakes.

Open from April to October, Villa Le Due Torrette allows its guests to enjoy its beautiful gardens from spring to autumn.

Watch the video to discover the beauty of the Villa and the surrounding landscape.


What the Villa Offers


Villa in the picture